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Elected and Appointed Officials

Township Board

Members and Positions

Position Name Contact Number E-Mail
Supervisor Richard Bohjanen 906.249.9430 Email
Clerk Max Engle 906.249.1448 Email
Treasurer Ben Zyburt 906.250.7742 Email
Trustee David Lynch 906.361.0365 Email
Trustee Mark Maki 906.249.4382 Email
Trustee Don Rhein 906.273.0507 Email
Trustee Judy White 906.249.1524 Email
Attorney Roger Zappa 906.225.1000

Charter Township Responsibilities

Chocolay Township is a Charter Township. In a charter township the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer are the officers. In addition there are four trustees making a seven member board. Each member of the Board has one vote on issues on the agenda. Members may not abstain from voting without the consent of the other members.

For the benefit of its citizens and according to state law, the Township Board annually adopts a budget. For the health and welfare of its citizens, the Board adopts or rescinds ordinances as needed. Services and programs of the Township are under the direction of the Board.

The Charter Township of Chocolay Board members are generally responsible for the following functions:


  • Moderates meetings
  • Assures assessor conforms to state law


  • Custody of all township records
  • Accounts for township finances
  • Oversees all elections


  • Collects and disperses property taxes for the school, county and township
  • Maintains an accounting system that balances with clerk's books


  • May assume responsibility as directed by the Board
  • Oversees the functions of the Township according to decisions made at the Township Board Meetings
Board of Review

Members and Positions

Position Name
Chair Bob Pecotte
Member Al Denton
Member Dennis Hickey
Planning Commission

Members and Positions

Position Name E-Mail
Chair Tom Mahaney Email
Vice Chair Eric Meister Email
Secretary Donna Mullen Campbell Email
Vice Secretary Andy Smith Email
Member Jon Kangas Email
Member Kendell Milton Email
Member Don Rhein Email

Purpose and Responsibilities

As an appointed body, the Planning Commission shares responsibility for local land use and infrastructure planning with the elected officials on the Township Board of Trustees. The Planning Commission is an independent advisory body that reviews and provides recommendations to the Township Board on applications for zoning ordinance amendments, rezoning, conditional use permits, private road applications, site plan reviews, subdivisions and lot splits, and planned unit developments. The Commission helps develop and update a master plan for Township Board approval, and makes sure that decisions are consistent with this plan.

The commission also serves as a liaison with the public and other units of government. They provide important leadership in involving community stakeholders in decision making, and do detailed, sometimes tedious work, so the Board can take more efficient and effective action. They represent and work on behalf of the entire community.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Members and Positions

Position Name E-Mail
Chair Michelle Weitek Stephens Email
Vice Chair Karen L. Alholm Email
Secretary Kendell Milton Email
Board Representative Mark Maki Email
Member Geno Angeli Email
Alternate Paul Charboneau Email

Purpose and Responsibilities

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is the only local body that hears appeals on administrative zoning decisions. Upon request, the ZBA interprets zoning regulations and renders a decision on applications for dimensional variances. (Chocolay Township does not issue use variances.) Applicants may appeal ZBA decisions to the Circuit Court.
Township Commissions and Election Inspector Applications

If you have the desire to serve on one the Township commissions, or wish to work at a precinct during the elections, please complete one of the related applications and submit the application to the Township office.