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Incident Response

Chocolay Fire-Rescue receives all calls for service from Marquette County Central Dispatch’s 911 center. Our mission has grown significantly since our beginnings, we now respond to any situations where life or property are in danger. Incidents we respond to include but are not limited to; fires, motor vehicle accidents, HAZMAT, water rescues, and EMS incidents when requested. We have established automatic-aid agreements providing equipment and manpower for any reported structure fires in Sands Township and portions of Marquette Township as well as receiving aid for any structure fires in our own area. We also have mutual aid agreements with several other area fire departments.

Incident Reports

Engine 2142
Incident Type 2010 2011 2012
Structure fires - 4 -
Fires in buildings (stove, chimney, etc.) - 10 -
Motor vehicle accidents - 16 -
Rescue (water, EMS, etc.) - 13 -
Hazardous conditions (downed power lines, gas leaks, etc.) - 38 -
False alarms - 6 -
Fires (not in buildings) - 8 -
Good intent / service calls - 10 -
Cancelled enroute - 2 -
Total runs - 104 -