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Property assessment and evaluation
John Gehres 906.249.1448 ext 223 Send Email
Board of Review
Tax and property appeals
Paul Charboneau, Chair
Anthony Giorgianni, member
Jill Hendrickson, member
Business Information
Business information and assistance
Dale Throenle 906.249.1448 ext 211 Send Email
General government and elections
Max Engle, Clerk 906.249.1448 ext 205 Send Email
Mary Sanders, Deputy Clerk 906.249.1448, ext 207 Send Email
Lisa Perry, Administrative Assistant 906.249.1488 ext 209 Send Email
Community Development
Business development, technology, and recreation planning
Suzanne Sundell 906.249.1448 ext 212 Send Email
Department of Public Works
Curbside recycling, Township hall and grounds, sanitation, recreation, marina, and wastewater
Brad Johnson, Foreman 906.249.1448, ext 225 Send Email
Local, state, and federal election information and absentee ballots
Lisa Perry 906.249.1448 ext 209 Send Email
Fire and Rescue Department
Fire protection and fire safety
Gary Johnson, Chief 906.249.1448, ext 226 Send Email
FOIA and General Information
FOIA requests and requests for general Township information
Max Engle, Clerk 906.249.1448 ext 205 Send Email
Planning and Zoning
Township planning and zoning regulations
Dale Throenle, Planning Director / Zoning Administrator 906.249.1448 ext 211 Send Email
Planning Commission
Future Township planning
Tom Mahaney, Chair Send Email
Eric Meister, Vice Chair Send Email
Donna Mullen-Campbell, Secretary Send Email
Andy Smith, Vice Secretary Send Email
Susan Maynard, member Send Email
Kendell Milton, member Send Email
Don Rhein, Board representative Send Email
Police Department
Public safety
Scott Jennings, Chief of Police 906.249.4040 Send Email
Jennifer Stanaway, Police Administrative Assistant 906.249.4040 Send Email
Technology and web support
Technology Team Send Email
Township Board
Township oversight and governance
Richard Bohjanen, Supervisor 906.249.9430 Send Email
Max Engle, Clerk 906.249.1448 ext 205 Send Email
Ben Zyburt, Treasurer 906.250.7742 Send Email
David Lynch, Trustee 906.273.2218 Send Email
Mark Maki, Trustee 906.249.4382 Send Email
Don Rhein, Trustee 906.273.0507 Send Email
Judy White, Trustee 906.249.1524 Send Email
Township Manager
Township management and budget
Jon Kangas 906.249.1448 ext 210
Township Office
General Township information
Lisa Perry 906.249.1448 ext 209 Send Email
Tax collection, trash tags, and landfill information
Ben Zyburt, Treasurer 906.250.7742 Send Email
Pat Beck, Deputy Treasurer 906.249.1448 ext 224 Send Email
Zoning Board of Appeals
Appeals on administrative zoning decisions
Michelle Wietek-Stephens, Chair Send Email
Karen Alholm, Vice Chair Send Email
Kendell Milton, Secretary Send Email
Geno Angeli, member Send Email
Mark Maki, Board representative Send Email
Paul Charboneau, alternate Send Email
Other Contacts
Township related contacts
Emergency Services - Fire / Police 911
Governor Rick Snyder's U.P. Office 906.228.2850
Marquette County Road Commission 906.486.4491
Marquette Senior Center 906.228.0456
Peter White Library 906.228.9510