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Community Garden Registration

Complete the information on the form, then click Send Your Selections at the bottom of the form to send your information to the Chocolay Community Garden Board.

Make sure your information is accurate; otherwise, we will not be able to contact you to set up your garden site selection.

Before completing the online form, be sure to read the Chocolay Community Garden By-Laws.

The garden site selection list is current as of Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Gardener Name

Gardener Email Address

Gardener Contact Number

Site Selection

Select your desired garden bed. Please check the garden layout for your desired location to determine the bed number before you select a bed.

Harvey Baptist Church Location

Garden layout

Available Bed Number Bed Description Gardener
01 Near the rear fence and compost bin (north)
  02 Along the rear fence Linda Carlson
  03 Along the rear fence Jill Vessels
  04 Along the rear fence Marcy Niemi
05 Along the rear fence
06 Along the rear fence
07 Along the rear fence - southern
08 Along the rear fence
  09 Near the north fence and compost bin Kari Stordahl
  10 In line with the water pump Karen Dubow
  11 Right of the water pump Karen Dubow
  12 Near the south fence Marcy Niemi
  13 Near the left fence Kari Stordahl
  14 In line with the water pump Tina Hall
15 Right of the water pump
  16 Left next to the water pump Molly Bower
  17 Right next to the water pump Marcy Niemi
18 Near the south fence
19 Near the north fence
  20 Right of the water pump Tina Hall
  21 Front left of the gate Vicki Sarasin
22 Front right of the gate

Alternate Bed Selection

If the bed you selected above is not available, please enter your alternate choices below. Remember, selection is based on a first-come, first-served basis.